Book reading


M.Haroon Jatoi
The books are known as the titanic oceans of knowledge. The men of courage and wisdom share their experiences lessons, advices, and beneficial opinions about successful paths of life. As we need food to live and grow so do we need food for our brain to enhance knowledge, the intellect and understanding?
The secret behind the of successful life of most influential world leaders like Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Zulifqar Ali Bhutto and others is their thirst and desire to seek knowledge by reading books that happen to be the great treasure trove of wisdom. John Dewey said :”Education is social process. Education is growth; education is not preparation for life but it is life itself”. Definitely we can make a good society by educating ourselves and for that purpose we as a society will have to develop the book reading habits in ourselves, which is unfortunately missing.
We see a large number of people in our society are using internet facility aimlessly, playing games on mobile, wasting their precious time by using Facebook and WhatsApp 24/7 rather than reading knowledgeable books. As the saying goes there is not greater harm than that of wasting time. On the other hand it is quite unfortunate that our libraries are empty but the cinemas and hotels are full by people. Although there is no harm in using internet, facebook or whatsapp but what we need the most is take some time out and read books at least two or three hours on daily basis. This kind of a habit would certainly raise our level of understanding and make us more sensible and responsible human being. Someone has rightly said; the laziness is your crime, read books and save your time.


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