Islamabad(Daily P.Times) : Patients and administration at the Federal Government Poly Clinic Hospital waited entire day to welcome Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar but he didn’t show up due to his personal engagements. Later in the evening, the administration was told that the chief justice could not visit the hospital due to his personal engagements. According to details, the chief justice was supposed to visit the Poly Clinic on Saturday. Following his visit and to avoid embarrassment before the top court judge, the hospital administration declared emergency like situation and called back all administration staff, including those were on leaves from weeks.
New wheel chairs and statures were replaced by old and broke ones and pharmacy of the hospital was equipped with all kinds of medicines. Room fresher sprays gave the patients and their attendants a different but pleasant feeling and they termed the chief justice visit a good omen for them. Throughout the day, the hospital staff remained very polite and helping.
The doctors and nursing staff termed the expected visit of the chief justice a good omen for the patients. Therefore, patients and their attendants have appealed the chief justice to keep announcing his visit to the hospital which is important to keep the hospital administration alert, active and polite toward patients. The sources at the hospital said, the entire staff of the hospital remained on duty for 24 hours. The administration under higher authorities’ supervision cleaned the hospital rooms, washroom, and lounges and cemented the broke places within 24 hours.

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