Dysfunctional CT scan machine in Benazir hospital multiplying miseries of patients


Rawalpindi: Dysfunctional CT scan machine in Benazir hospital has added to the miseries of patients.
As per media reports, Due to the load shedding and increase in the number of patients, the proper maintenance of the CT scan machine in the emergency department could not be kept and it got out of order. The hospital administration has started shifting patients to District Headquarters (DHQ) hospital..
According to the relatives of patients, in the prevailing situation , they are facing many difficulties in the shifting of patients to the other hospitals and they are given long dates in other hospitals for the treatment the patients. Therefore , they are forced to arrange the treatment of their patients in private labs at higher fees.
The dysfunctional CT scan machine is also causing delay in the proper treatment of the patients, therefore, the concerned authorities should take notice of the lack of attention by hospital administration towards repair work of the machine.
On the other hand hospital management has said the machine will start working soon and the serious patients are shifted on the hospital’s ambulance to the DHQ. Providing speedy treatment to the patients is our first priority for which alternative steps are taken, said hospital administration.


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