Wani seeks UNHCR’s attention towards gruesome killing of Shujaat Bukhari


Geneva: Seeking the United Nations Human Rights Councils attention towards the coldblooded murder of Kashmiri senior journalist Dr. Shujaat Bukhari, the veteran rights activist and leader of APHC Altaf Hussain Wani has urged the council to take notice of Dr. Bukhari’s assassination who he said was killed hours after welcoming the UN Kashmir report.

While quoting the slain journalists words, which he had posted on twitter Wani said on June 2, two weeks before his assassination in an area controlled by Indian army, Bukhari tweeted the following: “For last 24 hours I am being trolled for pasting a photo of Srinagar young man run over by an Indian army vehicle. India should realize why the Kashmir youth have lost fear of death.”

Referring to Indian authority’s belligerence Wani told the international audience that Indian officials in Kashmir were on record threatening Kashmiris of elimination weeks before Bukhari’s assassination.

“India has brazenly rejected the Kashmir report by the Office the High Commissioner which is based on facts and figures from Indian government sources. And now we have HR defenders being killed in Kashmir”, he said adding that India was blocking the Kashmir report and threatening Kashmiri rights defenders.

“If this is the behavior of the largest democracy, I wonder what the Indian officials have left for dictators and thugs”, he wondered.

Urging the UNHCR council to take effective notice of the situation he said, “This Council must remain seized of the situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir, and bring India’s sordid rights record into scrutiny through an international investigative commission, as recommended by the High Commissioner”.


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