Real politics


Mian Rashid Asghar
Politics or real politics has been generated in the form of stuff trout in which every politician say that he has done much for Pakistan but he is unknown how ultimately the Stuff Trout fell down and broke into many pieces. For many decades our politicians have been playing the role of making a stuff trout and praise themselves without any meaning. Is there anyone who may catch real trout so that people may enjoy it with rice to eliminate their hunger? New Pakistan or old Pakistan, this is not the question, question is that who is willing to promulgate ideology of Pakistan. All social problems and evils can be eliminated by implementing real spirit of Islam.
Quied’s vision and Allama Iqbal’s philosophy if implemented, then real and New Pakistan will emerge. PTI, PPP and PMLN and many other political parties have failed to emerge ideology of Pakistan. I quote some references of the founders of Pakistan, who sacrificed their lives, properties and honor for the achievement of Pakistan.
If our politicians take a look over the history of Pakistan, they could not dare to smash the foundation of Pakistan. This country must be run by those who are ready to scarify for Pakistan not in the guise of hollow slogans which have created only sound pollution. Those who are conscience will never sale the flame of a spark. Yes a man of conscience is a real man of ego and is capable of vote preference. For many decades, our politicians proved themselves as hero of linguistics not of character, but we need hero character like those who sacrifice for Pakistan. Overall, the people have become sick of un-conscious politicians who have not tired of their campaigning to befoul the simple citizens.
In fact our conscience matches with the ideology of Pakistan and we will have to honestly cast the vote in favor of ideology of Pakistan.
Beware of the black-sheep entered in the campaign of election 2018 even we must have judge who is a right and who is wrong. Further we shall be conscious to hinder those politicians who have been destroying the country for many decades. Being a responsible citizen of Pakistan, decide your vote in the arena of ego and conscience, then emergence of Pakistan will bring out fruitful results in the eyes of the world.


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