PARC & provincial institutes should work together for the benefit of small farmers: Chairman, PARC


ISLAMABAD: A joint session of 9th Meeting of Inter Provincial Research Coordination Committee (IPARCC) and 3rd Vice Chancellors Meeting held at PARC Hqrs Islamabad under the convenership of Dr. Yusuf Zafar, Chairman PARC. Provincial Partners of Agricultural Research / Livestock, Planners and Academia head included Gilgit Baltistan and VC’s from different Universities participated in the meeting.
Dr. Yusuf Zafar Chairman, PARC apprised the members that the main objectives of IPARCC is to have greater research coordination among the Federal & Provincial research partners to develop a concrete agenda agriculture research and PARC being a Federal Research Organization, have to perform the role of an effective coordinator and facilitator. The Chair hoped that such events will be helpful to share the knowledge, on-going research activities, enhance the opportunities of collaboration to reach to the logic conclusion to address these issues as well as to set priorities for the future research in National Agricultural Research System (NARS).
During the Speech, the Chairman, PARC also informed the forum about PARC research activities. Provincial partners of Agriculture and Livestock delivered their presentation by highlighting the initiatives taken in their provinces for boosting up the research activities. The Chairman, PARC further elaborated about VC Forum that main objective of Vice Chancellors Forum would be to spell out objectively the requirements of different stakeholders keeping in view their strengths and limitations. The role of Universities can be critical in multiplying research based technologies and making them accessable to the target communities if system based coordination be made available. National Food Security Policy, National Water Policy and Cotton Endowment Fund were also discussed during the meeting.
At the end, the Committee unanimously agreed to hand together for collaborative research activities, issue based commissioned research projects, policy research, climate change and food security. The participants of the meeting said that this forum provided an opportunity of interaction to the planner, researchers, academia and extension leaders. They ensured greater complimentarily and synergy for the issues relating to transfer of technologies to the stakeholders and end-users and advise on measures to enhance its effectiveness.


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