Humanity is all that we need


Good manners, good character, affection, truthfulness, forgiveness, honesty, respect and loyalty are hallmark traits of human being and the humanity. Humanity is perhaps only thing differentiates a human from other creatures that God the almighty has created. A true human being is always ready to offer his help to others. Difference between animal and human is that Allah SWT has gifted sharp mind to human. He has the ability to think and differentiate what is good or bad. But even then people fight to each other because of their divergent opinions, allegiance and affiliations with different sects, religions, nations or parties.
Sometimes politicians and even the religious scholars kindle the fire of hate, which not only vitiates the atmosphere communal harmony but also poses a great threat to peace and prosperity. Sindh’s great poet Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai gave message of peace by citing the example of birds: ”They have flocks, they don’t fight each other, understand birds, and they love each other ”.
Once a companion told to hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that the Jews are saying wrong for you .
Hazrat Muhammad (P.BUH) replied:’ “they are not saying me but they are looking themselves in mirror ”.it means if we abuse others so it is our abasement .if a true human kicks the bucket so people can’t call him dead because he always lives in the hearts of people. We must spread message of peace as well as the affection. We should appreciate and respect everyone because Allah says that He lives among the people .

(M.Haroon Jatoi).


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