Exploiters of megacity now befooling its voters: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said the cunning politicians who looted projects and funds of Karachi in past are now visiting the megacity to befool its voters, adding Karachi is not a political orphanage and it would reject these opportunist politicians.In a statement here Tuesday, he said former chief minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is now suddenly feeling pain for the megacity and showing sympathy to the Karachiites. He said why Shahbaz Sharif is not telling the voters of Karachi that who was the rulers that diverted the funds and projects of Karachi to the Central Punjab and deprived the megacity of its due progress. He asked who got shifted the schemes of modern rail-based commuting system from Karachi to Lahore. He asked if the metro rail project was originally meant for Karachi or Lahore. He said Shahbaz Sharif should know that now the voters of Karachi are politically aware and they recognize their friends and foes.Altaf Shakoor said now when the general elections are coming nearer, cunning politicians like Shahbaz Sharif are trying to exploit the political situation and vacuum in Karachi and befool its voters. He said the voters of Karachi demand that the funds and schemes diverted from Karachi to Punjab should be returned back to the megacity. He said the voters of Karachi do not want more dreams and lollipops but they want their rights. He said the time has already passed when the voters of the megacity were befooled with catchy slogans and false promises. He advised the professional political beggars not to misuse the slogan of megacity Karachi to befool Karachiites, as they already know that these spineless political parties that despite being elected for several times did not serve the megacity.Altaf Shakoor said that without giving constitutional status of megacity to Karachi its problems and issues cannot be resolved. He said only those politicians are friends of Karachi and its people who are demanding constitutional status of megacity for Karachi. He said the megacity status to Karachi is not only our mission but also electoral slogan of Pasban. He reminded that the Pasban is the pioneer in introducing the slogan of megacity Karachi and it is our mission to get the constitutional status for the megacity so that it could avail its due share of financial resources and enjoy competent and professional megacity governance.He said the Pasban has already fielded 3 candidates for the national assembly and 11 for the provincial assembly from the megacity and they would provide an alternate leadership to Karachi and Inshallah get the constitutional status for megacity for it. He said their success in the coming general elections would be a turning point for the megacity Karachi.Altaf Shakoor said Karachi as a true megacity is the dream of youth of Karachi. He said we will materialize his dream of the young Karachiites. He said we want a modern cosmopolitan Karachi with a world class infrastructure and world class civic facilities. He said we want to raise standard of education, healthcare and public transportation. We want a public university, an engineering college and a teaching hospital in every town of Karachi and every district of Pakistan. We want to create millions of new jobs for our youth by developing new industrial corridors. He said in this regard they have already floated the idea of developing industrial corridors and new industrials towns along Karachi-Hyderabad, and Karachi-Keti Bandar highways on the pattern of Delhi-Bombay Industrial Corridor Project in the neighboring countries. He said such industrial corridors should also be built in other provinces.

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