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Furniture entrepreneurs demand tax exemption till 2025

LAHORE : Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) Sunday urged the
federal government to declare furniture industry tax free sector till 2025 as this could give a major boost to furniture exports in the country besides making furniture industry risk free and generating new jobs and stimulating local business simultaneously.
Chairing a meeting of board of directors here at PFC office, its chief
executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq asked the furniture exporters to focus on
export of non-traditional products and explore the new markets.
He also demanded the government to impose ban on import of furniture items
to fully exploit the potential of the local industry which would not only
accelerate the pace of economic activities but also helpful to save a major
chunk of the foreign exchange.
Mian Kashif said the local manufacturers are facing challenges due to heavy
imports of furniture. Chinese furniture has also hit the local industry;
resultantly, the sales of locally manufactured household furniture have
gone down by reasonable percent. Pressure on the domestic industry has
immensely increased as other countries like Thailand and Korea have started
exporting extensively to Pakistan.

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