Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan has fielded 14 candidates in the megacity, Karachi; three on the national assembly seats and 11 on the provincial assembly seats.According to details, Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Wednesday announced that his party would contest on 14 seats in the megacity, as it has already fielded 3 candidates on the national assembly and 11 on the provincial assembly seats and their nomination papers have already been approved.He said the scrutiny process of our candidates has already been completed and we are confident that the voters of Karachi would repose confidence in the Pasban that has already raised the demand to give the megacity its due rights. He said the Pasban candidates after winning the polls would play a crucial role in getting resolved the lingering civic problems of the megacity. He said our top priority is to get recognized the megacities of Pakistan in the constitution so that they could get all their due rights and proper shares from the national resources.He said that Abdul Hakim Quaid would contest on NA-253, Qamar Siddiqui on NA 252 and Zainal Abdeen on NA-238. He said on PS-95 Pasban has fielded Muhammad Tayab, while Kaleemullah would be Pasban candidate on PS-98,Faal Rabbi on Ps-107, Tanveer Ahmed on PS-108, Ali Khan on PS-117, Zafar Iqbal on PS-120, Danish on PS-124,Asif Ahmed on PS-127, Muhammad Sadiq on PS-129 and Asif Bux on PS-130.Altaf Shakoor said that there is no Wadera or capitalist amongst the candidates of Pasban as they all belong to masses. He said Waderas of villages and bandits of cities have already looted and plundered Sindh province and it is high time that people should reject them. He said we will contact with the masses at grassroots level and spread the message of the megacity rights.On the occasion, Pasban general secretary Usman Moazzam, and Pasban Karachi chapter president Abdul Hakim Quaid also spoke.

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