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Reham complains media and TV channels of making negative propaganda against her.

Lahore: Former spouse Reham Khan of PTI Chairman Imran Khan has complained about the media that TV channels have made negative propaganda and portrayed her as bad character woman.
Reham Khan said that she is under pressure from my family and friends for the publication of my book immediately. She added that she had not made public the extracts from the book attributed to Imran Khan. She revealed that she had attributed pertaining to Imran Khan and his party about sexual harassment in my book.
In an interview to Bharati TV Channel Reham Khan said that till now the book is out of reach of the public and added that nothing is true in the allegations leveled by PTI or its spokesman. She further said that nothing prohibits to attribute this book to the elections. It took a lot of time to arrange this book. She portrayed her life as unusal but according to the standards of life.
Reham Khan said that her life became an interesting tale with some significant events just as first marriage, different culture, care of children and to cope with the threatening scenario of life.
She added that media is making negative propaganda and attributed substandard words against her and her daughter for the last four years. She said her hook will be made public before the general elections. In this connection Reham Khan has been issued legal notices.

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