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Water level in Mangla Dam continues to rise

Altaf Hamid Rao;

MIRPUR (AJK): As a result of melting of snow on the highest upper reaches of the snow-clad Himalayan Jammu Kashmir state and consequent increased flow of related rivers falling in the country’s largest AJK-based Mangla dam, the water level in the reservoir was reported as in rising form as the level of the water in the dam was reported 1109.60 feet on Tuesday as compared to 1107.10 feet recorded a day before on Monday, official sources said.
Minimum operating level of water in Mangla dam is 1050 feet with the maximum conservation level 1242 feet. Live storage capacity in the dam on Monday was reported as 0.490 MAF, the sources told this Correspondent here on Tuesday.
The overall position of the river inflows and outflows at Mangla, Tarbela, and Chashma along with the reservoirs levels and the barrages remained on Tuesday as under:-
Rivers: Indus at Tarbela: Inflows 166400 cusecs and Outflows 112100 cusecs, Kabul at Nowshera: Inflows 85300 cusecs and Outflows 85300 cusecs, Jhelum at Mangla: Inflows 40000 cusecs and Outflows 20000 cusecs, Chenab at Marala: Inflows 54800 cusecs and Outflows 31100 cusecs.
Barrages: Jinnah: Inflows 177100 cusecs and Outflows 171200 cusecs, Chashma: Inflows 173100 cusecs and Outflows 179000 cusecs, Taunsa: Inflows 138800 cusecs and Outflows 122300 cusecs, Panjnad: Inflows 3700 cusecs and Outflows Nil cusecs Guddu: Inflows 68900 cusecs and Outflows 56500 cusecs, Sukkur: Inflows 43700 cusecs and Outflows 14100, Kotri: Inflows 7000 cusecs and Outflows Nil.

Reservoirs (Level and Storage):
Tarbela: Minimum operating level 1386 feet, present level 1445.70 feet, maximum conservation level 1550 feet, live storage today 1.175 million acre feet (MAF).
Mangla: Minimum operating level 1050 feet, present level 1109.60 feet, maximum conservation level 1242 feet, live storage today 0.490 MAF.
Chashma: Minimum operating level 638.15 feet, present level 644.70 feet, maximum conservation level 649 feet, live storage today 0.117 MAF.
The inflows and outflows of River Indus at Tarbela and Chashma, River Kabul at Nowshera and River Jhelum at Mangla have been reflected as mean flows of 24 hours, whereas the other flows have been gauged at 6.00 a.m. on Tuesday, the sources added.

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