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Miseries of Indian Muslims increased

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Written by: Maemuna Sadaf;

India, the so called secular state, is unable to protect minorities within the country. Beside India’s claims of being largest democracy, is supporting Hindus against Muslims. Muslims along with other minorities are living a miserable life under the rule of Hindu majority.
Cow is sacred animal for Hindus. Cow’s slaughter is considered as a biggest sin in Hinduism. Hindus hold extreme emotions against slaughter of cows. People who try to slaughter a cow are murdered, their houses are attacked and in some cases houses are burnt. Local governments support Hindus as Hindus hold special powers in parliament. On the other hand, Cow slaughter is religious obligation for Muslims. They have to sacrifice their animals at Eid-ul-Azha. This is a main conflict among majority and minority of India.
Going back towards history, Hindu Muslim riots have been started right after freedom of both Pakistan and India. Riots in different times such as 1947, Jabalpur 1960, Meerut 1939, 46, 61,68,73, 82, 86-90, Kolkata 1964, Gujrat Riots 1969-1989, Bhiwand 1970, Jalgaon and Mahad 1983, Nellie Massacre 1985, Hashimpura, Uttar Pardaish 1989, Bombay riots 1990 and Gujarat riots 2000. Uttar Pardaish riots were backed by the governor of Utter Pardaish, Yogi whose hatred speech has created a scenario of Hindu, Muslim conflict, on the name of “Gao Mata” (Mother Cow). Muslims are threatened, killed and their houses are burned. As well as, in Gujrarat which more than 200 Muslims were slaughtered. These riots have started on the Cow Slaughter issue. *
India Spend (Indian newspaper) reported that 84% deaths in cow related violence are Muslims since 2010. 60 attacks of Cow vigilantes during 8 years (96.7%) occurred after Modi’s Government came into power. 24 out of 28 people killed in the name of cow protection are Muslims.
The Gopal Singh Commission report (1983) showed economic status of Muslims. In 1987-88, the national Sample survey organization also reported discrimination of Muslims among others.* Muslims are prime target of Cow Vigilantes.
Errantly, Muslims are under threat of life, property and dignity. Muslims are attacked, humiliated, even murdered for slaughtering cows. Their properties are destroyed and women are molested. It is common thinking that Muslims run business of beef. However reality is far more different. The major cow meat providers are exporters are neither Muslims nor India’s major cow meat companies are owned by Muslims. Company names are selected to mislead common people. For example, the major companies are Al-Kabeer Private limited, Arabian Exporter private limited, MKR frozen foods, Al-Noor Exporters, AOV Exporter Private Limited and Standard frozen foods. These all companies are run by Hindus.
Al-Kabeer Private Limited owns 400 Acre Slaughter house in Targana. This company attained business of 650 crore from beef exports. Owner of Al-Kabeer is Sudaish Sabarwal who is a Hindu. Name of the company mislead common people that this business belongs to Muslim. Al-Noor slaughter house in Utter Pardaish owned by a Hindu exports beef to 35 countries. In Utter Pardaish, Hindu Muslim riots are continued. Muslims are usually attacked by Hindu community on the doubt of slaughtering cow but the slaughter houses which are run by Hindus keep on working. Hindu Government supports beef business, run by Hindus. Government also supports Hindus, to attack Muslim community on the name of “Gao Mata”.
India exports 18,50,000 metric tons beef annually. The above mentioned facts unveil India’s real face. Hindus are killing Muslims for Cow slaughter and on the other hand they are earning millions from beef exports. Human Rights watch and United Nations authorities for Human safety should look into this matter.
(*The facts are collected from the book “India an apartheid state” by Junaid Ahmed)
Note: The writer is a freelance journalist based in Rawalpindi.

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