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Encroachments, traffic rules violation cause traffic jam in city

By Rafiullah Mandokhail;

ZHOB: Traffic jam has become a routine mater especially on Quetta and Dera Ismail Khan road here in Zhob. Encroachments and illegal parking have exacerbated the matter, which adds to mental trauma of the people delaying them from reaching their destinations. It irritates and frustrates people especially those traveling in an emergency.
Illegal parking, massive encroachments, dilapidated roads, violation of traffic rules and increasing number of light duty vehicles particularly three-wheeler Zranj rickshaws are some of the major reasons and ironically no adequate measures have been taken to solve the long standing problem.
The situation is getting worse with each passing day. Traffic jam keeps agonizing the people at Lieutenant Imran Mandokhail Shaheed chowk, as it takes much time to turn to move the vehicle to the desired destination. The vehicles get stuck in the long queues of traffic at the mentioned above chowk, particularly in rush hours.
Moreover traffic remains jam on Market road, Jail road, Sharbat Khan road, Masjid road and Cantt road several times during the day due to the negligence of the traffic police, causing problems and severe great inconvenience to the citizens.
Similarly, illegal encroachments and illegal parking of vehicles on roads is also a major issue as there is no much space left on the roads for the movement of traffic. Push carts and cabin-keepers have occupied a large portion of the city roads by erecting illegal structures that also creating nuisance and affect the normal traffic flow.
“Smooth flow of traffic would remain a dream unless the root causes are addressed”. A citizen said.
The people have demanded of the authorities concerned to take immediate steps to improve traffic system.

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