World Environment Day observed in Zhob

By Rafiullah Mandokhail;

ZHOB: Balochistan Rural Support Program under Program for Poverty Reduction project in collaboration with Environment Department organized a walk and seminar to mark the World Environment Day here on Tuesday.
The walk led by Assistant Director Environment department Sheikh Khaliq Dad Mandokhail and Project Officer PPR Quttab Khan Mandokhail started from Modern academy of English language near Central jail after passing through different city roads culminated at district Assembly hall. The participants of the walk were holding banners inscribed with slogan ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. People from all walks of life including students, representatives of social organizations, journalists, environmental-friendly and socially-conscious citizens participated in the walk.
Addressing the participants Project Officer PPR Quttab Khan Mandokhail said that climate change is the greatest environmental threat and challenge being faced by the humanity today. An individual by taking easy step like planting a sapling can bring a major change in the environment. The trees are the prime source of environmental purification and beautification. He said.
Assistant Director Environment Department Sheikh Khaliq Dad Mandokhail said although global warming and pollution are the key challenges but he said solution to these problems lies in tree plantation to sustain human life.
“It is alarming that our country has only four percent of the land covered with forests. In order to save environment and biodiversity tree plantation is needed,” adding a tree inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen which reduces temperature. He said.
Highlighting the plastic as one of the biggest environmental threat facing by the world, he said besides the human beings plastic pollution also poses serious threat to marine life. Use plastic bag is hazardous for environment, it causes diseases and clogs drains.
“Plastic bags are made of various toxic chemicals and do not decay even after hundred years. While burning plastic, all the chemicals are released into the air. The department head maintained.
Quoting health experts he said microwave radiation is a very serious concern today. This kitchen appliance causes cancer, obesity, infertility and other diseases. He added.
Meanwhile, the students who collected plastic bags from the garbage heaps were awarded trophies and cash prizes during the seminar and stressed to keep the environment clean and green.

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