We need to pay attention towards Youth Policy for better future: Mir Younas


Muzaffarabad: (Parliament Times) Member Kashmir Council and Member Board of Patron Youth Parliament Azad Kashmir Muhammad Younas Mir has said that there was dire need to have a proper policy regarding the empowerment of young generation.
Mir said this while addressing the Youth Parliament Oath taking ceremony. Terming youth as the backbone of every nation, he said, “It’s our dilemma that we do not have a National Policy for the support and developmental opportunities for our Youth and ensured that he will move a resolution in the AJK legislative assembly for the empowerment of Youth”. Mr. Younas explained that during the tenure of PMLN Govt. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held the youth ministry, which made it impossible to keep transparencies of running the affairs of the ministry, the reason behind it was the unavailability of the PM to the ministers and Activists alike.
He went on to say that most of the political parties consider youth only in their slogans but not in their manifesto, however PPP that has shortlisted a young boy for Senate and young chairman Bilawal Bhutto making him the youngest politician ever in the history of Pakistan, they are also focusing on Sindh youth policy, which recently has been approved. “PPP also take youth policy as an essential part in their manifesto. In upcoming Government of PPP, youth get more chances to enhance their skills”, he said.


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