How we save the Earth


Every year on 22nd April Earth day is celebrated to increase awareness about the earth,
concerns, issues, and problems. Earth day was shaped by 3 key people, U.S. Senator Gaylord
Nelson, peace activist J McConnell, and chief organizer Denis Hayes. The theme for world
Earth day 2018 is “END PLASTIC POLLUTION”. By 2050 there will be more plastic than
fish in Oceans. Plastic has moved to half of the sea turtle and almost all Marine birds bodies.
In Pakistan pollution is also spreading due to rapid industrial growth. The burning of
materials made of plastic cause pollution. Pollution can build up in water sources and make it
difficult for maritime life. Our country is basically facing pollution due to household garbage
and industrial waste. In our country, almost 250 million tonnes of trash contains grass
clippings, bottles, furniture, food scrap, newspapers, appliances, paints, batteries and plastic
bags. About 1.95 kg of waste per person per day. More than 8,000 plastic bag units were
working in different parts of the country majority of which were in Lahore (6,000), Karachi
(1,200), Peshawar (300) and Faisalabad (230). About two lacks people directly and six lacks
people indirectly were linked to this business. It can be solved by Cleaning of Oceans,
reducing plastic usage and recycling. 50 percent of plastic is just used once and thrown away.
More than eight million tonnes of plastic is dumped in oceans every year. In a peaceful
demonstration for environmental reforms, half of the world tropical and temperate forests and
Gone. Two million people globally die prematurely, due to indoor and outdoor pollution.
Rising temperature caused 70000 death in Europe alone in 2003. Food prices will go up by
50 percent by 2030 only because of climate change, rising Earth temperature –global
warming, other ecological imbalances are leading to frequent floods, hurricanes, forest fires
and other dangers which is further aggravating loss of forest cover. 20 percent Earth
population consumes 80 percent of its resources. The US alone with only 5 percent of World
Population consumes 20 percent resources. Earth is an only habitable planet and we have the
responsibility to preserve it. For future generations, our children, and nature.
How we save the Earth
Buy local products: if you buy your local produce from a local grocery store or supermarket,
there’s a good chance your food has lost upwards of 46 percent of its original nutrients by the
time you buy it. In buying local produce whenever possible, you will eat healthier and reduce
the number of carbon emissions needed to transport your produce.
Planting A Tree: Trees absorb excess and harmful CO2 from our atmosphere. In a single
year, it takes roughly 96 trees to absorb the amount of CO2 produced by one person. Over

100 million trees are cut down each year to produce junk mail. You can help limit this
unsustainable and wasteful practice by guaranteeing to take action to decrease the volume of
junk mail.
Use Less Energy: A lot of greenhouse gas emission are created as a by-product of powering
our homes and cars. One quick and easy way to save energy is to reduce the temperature of
your water heater. You can also save energy by identifying “vampire” application that uses
energy even when they are turned off.
Walk, Bike or Bus to Work: It is the time to travel the healthy or at least more
environmentally friendly way to work or school. If you can commit to doing this once a
week- swapping out driving for the greener mode of transportation.
In nutshell, we can save the earth by using fluorescent bulbs to save energy, turn off your
lights at night, recycling the plastic products, go vegetarian and use less beef, use less
tissues, set your printer’s default option to print double-sided, take shorter showers, skip
baths to save water and electricity on heating.
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