Karachi: Opposition parties of Sindh have united for the care taker government of Sindh and decided to give tough time to Sindh government.
According to details due to the differences of MQM (P) ruling party PPP has managed to get overwhelming majority in the Senate elections. However under the new development PPP will not be able to form a care taker government of its choice.
In this reference leaders of MQM Functional League and PTI also held a meeting at the breakfast hosted by Nand Kumar. The meeting was attended by Functional League Nand Kumar, Pir Salahuddin Shah Rashdi, MQM Syed Sardar Ahmad, Khawaja Izhar and PTI Samar Ali Khan.
On this occasion a consensus was reached on the names of care taker Chief Minister and members of the cabinet. The meeting also mulled over the proposed names of Khawaja Izhar Pir Salahuddin Shah Rashdi, Khurram Sher Zaman, Syed Sardar and Nand Kumar for the cabinet.
Reference to names communiqués will also come fore soon.

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