PM AJK appeals Diaspora to gather in London on Narendra Modi arrival

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S.A Haidri
Muzaffarabad:(Parliament Times) Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PM AJK) Raja Farooq Haider Khan has appealed to Kashmiri Diaspora to gather in protest procession on 18th April (the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi) in London.
While talking to new cabinet members and other delegations here on Saturday, Prime Minister exhorted that new cabinet members should endeavor for the development of the State besides resolving workers’ issues before long.

Prime Minister said that all new cabinet members must work to construe the slogan of Good Governance and we have to make this region a developed State before the completion of our tenure.
He said, “Kashmiri consider Pak Army as their defenders while Indian Army is a symbol of terror and brutalism in Indian occupied Kashmir, saying that Kashmir stand side by side with Pak Army against Indian atrocities.”
“The whole nation pays tribute on the sacrifices of Pak Army for the defense of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan” Prime Minister maintained.
Prime Minister voiced that Narendra Modi is a butcher who (in his regime) not only killed innocent Muslims in Gujrat but also killed several Kashmiri Muslims in IOK with the use of deadly weapons.
He lamented, “Innocent children have been brutally raped and killed in Indian Occupied Kashmir”
Prime Minister stated that Indian forces have started serious and deteriorating human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, adding that PM AJK said, “The United Nations have acknowledged the right of self-determination of Kashmiri people as India is trying to suppress the voice of Kashmiri in presence of more than 8 lac paramilitary forces and making the disputed territory as Military State who are chanting slogans for freedom.”
Earlier, new cabinet members Raja Abdul Qayyum Khan, Raja Naseer Ahmed Khan, Chaudhary Muhammad Ishaq, Chaudhary Javed Akhtar, Chaudhary Masood Khalid, Muhammad Ahmed Raza Qadri, Chaudhary Yaseen Gulshan and Col (r) Waqar Ahmeed Noor called on the Prime Minister AJK in Prime Minister Secretariat.

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