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Global communication & ethics

Written by Syeda Tehreem Fatima;

Globalization has introduced virtual communication and association as a major part of workplace stream. Today’s business men need to understand the strengths and limitations of different communications media, and how to use each medium to maximum effect. For example, communicating via email to distant team members requires a certain etiquette and distinction not necessarily required in face-to-face interactions. Holding virtual meetings requires a similar change in approach, and people who are incompetent to communicating in groups in virtual settings can find themselves lost, confused or unable to share their input, which means not providing enough to whom with one is dealing which only leads to misunderstanding and a bad impression on the business deal. Speaking at the right time with the right information and giving others their time to express their views and knowledge in a business meeting and listening attentively with a formal gesture is the simplest example of ethical communication which not only brings a positive change but is appreciated and helps flourish a business even globally.
Ethical communication in the present globalized era includes the code of conduct that is acceptable by society which is defined as ethics. It also consists of only truthful information, is not deceitful and does not violate the rights of others. Communication that lacks ethics threatens the quality of all communication and consequently the well-being of individuals and the society in which we live. Communicating effectively and ethically is a top priority in this globalized era which is progressing every running second. It is very important to be able to communicate openly and respectfully with all individuals, customers, clients, employers, investors, employees and potential consumers that you may have the opportunity to do business with in the future if the communication is handled correctly. It is important to be able to communicate with people of diverse cultures, nationality and backgrounds. Business communication should not be blind in any way and should always be respectful and open. Communication does not only involve word of mouth it is also done through body language known as a nonverbal flow of communication that is constant and ever present. Without saying a word your body language can reveal what you are thinking and feeling. When someone is talking, they notice changes in facial expressions and respond accordingly. Communicating well with consumers can help in customer retention and build a valuable network that supports the business and could recommend your company to other potential customers based on the experience they had with the business.

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