Western Companies missed investment opportunity in Pakistan: Chinese deputy chief of mission


Islamabad: China’s Deputy Chief of Mission Li Jian zhao on Thursday said that Western Companies had missed investment opportunity in Pakistan during last five years.
He said rumors are circulating that China has sent its prisoners to Pakistan to work on CPEC projects. It is not as such, he added. “Around 85 million new jobs to be shifted from China to Africa and other countries, then why not Pakistan”? he asked.
He said this while addressing the introductory seminar of CPEC International Industrial, Trade, Logistic, Investment and Real Estate Conference which is going to be held under Castrol Nobel Plus, from 3rd to 5th of May.
He further said that Pakistan has resolved energy crises through China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Projects.
The western route of the CPEC Project will be completed by 2018 and the eastern route by 2019. I am hopeful other countries will invest in Pakistan following the footsteps of china.
“CPEC is entering its Industrialization Phase, Pakistan was facing load shedding issue five years back and now it has got better, its infrastructure was also getting better”, he Said.
He further said that China will prefer Pakistani labor as it was cheap while Industries and people in Pakistan have better understanding of marketing and Taxation e.t.c.
Increase in the speed of train under CPEC project will reduce travel time, he remarked, he said.


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