KVI hold condolence meeting for JKLF veteran Leader Prof.Liquat Ali Khan

Press Release
London: While paying tributes to the qualities of Late Prof. Liquat Ali Khan a veteran leader of JKLF in the condolence reference meeting at Watford (UK), Chairman Kashmir Voice International (KVI) Prof. Raina said, “Our movement is not being supported by World Powers despite immense sacrifices for reasons that Kashmir did not become a national movement and got shrunk to the Valley. Also it was projected as a religious issue although it is purely a political issue”. He further said, “Our state besides being multi-regional is multi-religious and multi-cultural”. While respecting its diversity,solution explored should be balanced to meet the aspirations of all the regions and sections of population.
He said different groups engaged with Kashmir in UK and Europe should introspect and assess as to how far their activities have taken Kashmir near any solution. We should be realistic and avoid raising false hopes. KVI Chairman said Kashmir is stuck and locked. It needs a key to open up, which could be only political, democratic and constitutional. Loss of our young generation through every day killings by the Indian armed forces continues unabated. Kashmiris are subject to worst type of human rights violations and indignities. Thispainful situation should be given a stop to. All violence in Kashmir should be stopped and stakeholders should help create a peaceful environment for engaging in a serious dialogue to find an achievable solution acceptable to Kashmiris.
KVI believes a process could be started through constitutional means for the resolution of Kashmir problem. In this connection unanimous resolutions passed in All Party Meeting at Luton (UK) last year could be the starting point

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