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Car ‘filled with explosives’ rams into gates of US airbase – one dead

California: US military officials are investigating the incident involving the vehicle which crashed into the Travis Air Force Base in northern California.
The base issued a statement saying that black car ran through the main gates of the base before crashing and exploding into films.
Authorities confirmed the driver of the vehicle died at the scene.
FBI agents have now joined the investigation which is feared to have been an attempted attack that is being investigated as an “act of terrorism”.
The driver is said to have gained “unauthorised access” to Travis Air Force base and ignited himself before crashing the car.
US military officials have assured there is no further threat to the base which houses 7,000 active troops and 3,700 civilians.
Colonel John Klein said: “The safety and welfare of our airmen, their families and our local community is our top priority.”
The identity of the driver has been confirmed but not released, according to a statement from the US Air Force.
Reports state the vehicle was packed with propane tanks and the driver is believed to have set himself of fire deliberately.
Colonel Klein said: ““I am extremely proud of how our first responders quickly addressed the situation to keep Travis and the surrounding area out of harm’s way. We are fortunate to have enduring relationships with federal and local law enforcement, and will continue to work hand-in-hand with them through the investigative process.”
The incident at the base 55 miles northeast of San Francisco occurred on Wednesday night.
It is the latest terrorist linked incident to hit the US as the nation remains on alert from the threat from ISIS.

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