NAB pursuing double standards: Babar Awan

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Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Leader Babar Awan lashed out at NAB over what he termed double standard.
He said “there were two separate laws of NAB in the country, one for Punjab and other for Sindh”. NAB was pursuing different rules and regulations for Sindh and Punjab, he added.
He was addressing media persons during a media talk at Karachi. “People in Sindh are arrested while a Senator in Punjab is on the run, he added.

“Those who were not implementing NAB regulations could be tried in the Court, Sindh Assembly had not taken NAB law back yet” he added.
He lambasted Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and stated that Rulers at the Center and Punjab don’t respect the Constitution. “Nawaz Sharif Used to say that polls rigging matter is decided in courts ands not on roads. but now when courts have declared him disqualified he is saying that Court of People will decide about it.
If PTI wished of electing its own chairman for Senate, they could, but we suggested Chairman from Balochistan and Deputy Chairman from FATA, he said

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