Foreign bank accounts ,‘SC can summon 100 richest Pakistanis :CJP

Islamabad : Supreme Court Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, while hearing a suo motu case of foreign bank accounts held by Pakistanis, on Tuesday observed that the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) can summon the 100 richest Pakistanis and ask them to provide details of their assets, adding may be they provide.
Responding to the chief justice remarks, Justice Umer Atta remarked corrupt people are being given special incentives, adding they transfer their illegal money to abroad through illegal channels and then transfer it back through legal means. Atta observed that such people make their illegal money legal through buying dollars from the international market.
A three-member bench led by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar heard the case on Tuesday. According to details, the chief justice had formed a three-member committee to prepare the terms of reference (ToRs) that can help the government recover money stored in foreign banks through illegal means.
Governor State Bank Tariq Bajwa briefed the apex court that the government allows Pakistanis to open their foreign bank accounts under its financial reforms policy, adding one-way traffic is not possible for economic reforms. He added the government has introduced reforms to become part of the global community.
He asked the important point is that how illegally transfer of money brings back.
Justice Ijazul Hassan remarked if money changers are given well prestigious, they can arrange alternative reserves.
Bajwa informed the court that the National Accountability Court (NAB) had asked for details from foreign countries.
The chief justice remarked people have properties in Spain, Dubai, America, France and Malaysia, adding that those who tied such nodes will clear themselves. He added now charted accountants will bring such money back.

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