SC orders for making payment of Rs 2.4 billion in respect of EOBI pensioners till March 27


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has directed government to pay all the amount of Rs 2.4 billion of EOBI pensioners till March 27.
A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed took up for hearing EOBI pension case Thursday.

Finance secretary Arif Khan appeared in the court. He assured the court for making payment of all the amount to pensioners.

He took the plea that it was not possible to pay the amount in lump sum. We can pay the amount in three installments.

The court rejected finance secretary plea for paying Rs 833 million during the current financial year and ordered that all the amount of Rs 2.4 billion should be paid till March 27.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed while addressing finance secretary remarked if amount is not paid then you will come here in person. I hope you have understood it what I am going to say. Giving assurance in court means court’s order. Government has time to do every job except providing benefit to the people.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked government attitude with the poor pensioners is extremely inappropriate. Government had considered EOBI a money yielding cow. As to why the matter be not sent to an agency for investigation. State should discharge its obligations.

The hearing of the case was adjourned till March 27.


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