Islamabad Administration decides to close down the Madaris, Hostels for 3 days


Islamabad: Islamabad administration has decided to close down the Madaris and Hostels functioning within 2 Kilo Meter area from parade ground as part of the security plan for Pakistan Day.
According to details, 40 adjacent Madaris and hostels of parade ground will be closed down by Islamabad administration from 20 March for three days to ensure the security for Pakistan Day whereas security will remain high alert during these days.
Law enforcement agencies have completed surveys of Madaris and Hostels which are situated at Abpara, Karachi Company, Sector G-8, Sector I-8, Margala town, and Sohan and the security plan were finalized for 23rd March Pakistan day.
Islamabad administration has also decided to check the record of the students residing in these adjacent Madaris and hostels. It is pertinent to note that the parade will be organized at parade ground to observe the Pakistan Day.


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