Is my desire to run the country under law, constitution bad : Nawaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has said he is not in favor of any clash and he wants country should run under law and constitution.

“ I am not in favor of conflict. I want country is run under law and constitution. Is the desire to run country under law and constitution bad ”, he said this in an in formal chat with the journalists in Accountability Court (AC) here Thursday.

He held what happened in Senate, the entire nation witnessed this stage show. Some one should tell who gave Zardari and Imran Khan address of Sanjrani’s house. It was said all should reach Sanjrani’s house.

He demanded that inquiry should be held on the statement given by Mehmud Achakzai on Balochistan matter.

He underlined that an officer was behind dissolution of Balochistan government.

To a question from the journalist that Aitzaz Ahsan had said that he should name the conspirators and Aitzaz would stand with him. You see it how his statement that he will stand with you.

Nawaz said “ I am seeing and you too are seeing what is going on.

He remarked “ I have seen too much. Half life has passed. The other politicians also met good and bad experiences. We should learn from them.

He went on to say that the other politicians are facing the charges of corruption and kickbacks but his case is first of its kind that no charges of corruption and kickbacks are leveled in the case against him.

He underscored “ such a system will be launched which is needed by the country.

There is need to introduce reforms in the existing judicial system, he said adding delayed justice or lack of justice is the major problem being faced by the people of Pakistan.
Responding to a question from a journalist that will he write some book he said one should write one’s experiences.


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