WASA sets up 8 teams to check water stealing in RWP


Rawalpindi: (Parliament Times) Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has decided to counter water stealing menace to overcome water crisis on onset of summer season .
According to media reports 8 teams comprising different teams have been set up to check water stealing.
These teams will check the commercial and domestic connections and will submit their report till the end of April to Managing Director WASA.
Sources has said that WASA has taken this decision to curtail its financial deficit and to bring to billing net those involved in using water illegally.
In the first phase, water connections of commercial consumers especially Private Filtration Plants, Service Stations, Hotels, Restaurants and Factories will be checked.
Any connection if found illegal will be disconnected.
While in the second phase, water connections of domestic users will be checked.
Checking process of commercial water connections will be carried out by 8 teams under the supervision of two deputy directors.
More than 25 teams will be established to check the water connections of domestic users. These teams will be assigned the task of severing 20 water connections per day.
According to Muhammad Umer, spokesman of WASA there are 400 tube wells operating in Rwp.
The water requirement is 60 million gallon per day.
He said that if the load shedding in Rwp is reduced then water problems will not occur.


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