Shahbaz likely to appear with new team


Islamabad: Newly elected permanent President of PML (N) Shahbaz Sharif would likely to make major reforms in Party.
The credible sources have disclosed Shahbaz Sharif would appear with new team after sidelining the close allies of Nawaz Sharif.
They stated that Shahbaz Sharif believes on the politics of reconciliation and to take all stakeholders with him.
However, a member of party stated that according to Shahbaz Sharif few persons made disturbance in the party and put the party into crisis.
Currently, the former Interior Minister Chauhdary Nisar Ali Khan was away from all important matters of the party. Now after assuming the charge as permanent President of PML (N) it is expected that Shahbaz Sharif would assign important tasks to Ch. Nisar Ali Khan.


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