Imran, Zardari wants to divide country: Saadia Abbasi


Islamabad : Newly elected Senator Saadia Abbasi, sibling of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that real faces of some opportunists were exposed in the elections of Chairman Senate.
Talking to Online, she said that as a matter of fact PML-N did not lose the slots of Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Senate rather people have seen the actual pictures of some sons of the time type politicians.
“Judicial accountability is being done of PML-N in which NAB is playing the role of a party. PML-N is the symbol of stability of federation adding that some people wants to create the problem of law and order in the country among those Imran Khan and Zardari are at the top of the list. They both want to divide the country like East Pakistan tragedy ”, she added.
Responding to various queries, she said that Senate elections are the game of ruling circles which are vital to stable the country democratically and constitutionally. It is necessary to respect the vote of the people.
She said that propaganda of corruption is being done against PML-N while creating law and order issue in the country.
Saadia Abbasi said that popularity of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has added 50 % after his accountability and victory of PML-N is by-elections is clear proof of it.


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