Efforts afoot to make MBL Pakistan’s largest banking network: Randhawa

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Mian Rashid Asghar;

FAISALABAD. A comprehensive strategy has been evolve to make Meezan Bank limited (MBL) 5th biggest bank of Pakistan by the year 2020, said Mr. Ijaz Farooq Randhawa Group Head Branch Banking, SME, Commercial & Agriculture Finance.

Distributing awards among the best performers of the MBL during Town Hall meeting-2018, he was appreciative of the entrepreneurship of Faisalabad that has emerged as a major business hub of the country.

He also narrated his memories linked with this city and said that in 1967 there were tents around the runway of Faisalabad Airport which has now been transform into a latest, modern and progressive airport of this region.

He said that Faisalabad has also a unique privilege to produce bankers par excellence. “May of them was designated to head the leading banks of the country”, he added.

Explaining a strategy for the future development of MBL, he said “engagement and communication” between bankers and customers is imperative to make it bank of Rs. 1 Trillion within next three years.

He said that a unique idea of town hall meetings have been initiated to achieve close relationship with bankers and customers which is being successfully implemented. During this year fifteen meetings have been planned and it is the seventh meeting of this year.

Regarding engagements, he said that branch managers have to play a key role and take the ownership of this drive in addition to improving the level of services from “Good to Greater”.

He told that Islamic branding of MBL coupled with speedy and reliable online banking has made MBL as first choice of the people. “However we have to minimize overall turnaround time on the counters”, he said and further told that different branches have their own specific requirements and for this purpose, we have to create 3-4 different models which could be adopted according to the specific needs of different branches.

He expressed satisfaction that maximum customer visit MBL and hence it is the duty of the bank staff to convince them to stay with this bank by opening their accounts, getting card, SMS alerts and internet banking facility.

Continuing, he said that 99% bank transactions took place at counter and hence timing at counter should be reduced to the minimum.

He told that there are three major stakeholders of banks including depositors, shareholders and bank employees. “All the three stakeholders will get benefit if the bank will increase its profitability”, he added.

He said that earlier MBL was the best Islamic Bank of Pakistan while now it has been plumed as best Islamic Retail Bank of the world for the year 2017.

He said that still the share of Islamic banking in conventional banking is only 13% and we must expedite our efforts to increase its share to 100%.

Group Head Branch Bank appreciated the performance of Faisalabad region and told that a qualitative improvement has been witnessed in its Shariah audit and service quality.

He hoped that during this year four lakh new accounts would be open while different branches would be encouraged with smart certification on the base of their performance.

“This certification will be based on three phases. In first stage, the branch will get certification if its staff will have itself use the facility of card and SMS alerts”, he said and added that second stage certification will be offered to those branches whose staff will use mobile apps, bill payment and IFT.

Similarly, the third stage of certification will be for the branches whose staff will use the latest facility of e-commerce”, he added.

He said that staff could explicitly explain these facilities to the MBL Customers if they himself are fully conversant with the details of these facilities.

Regarding regional targets for 2018, he said that deposit should be increased to Rs. 785 billion while the import & export business could also be taken to the mark of Rs. one trillion.

About the facilities offered to bank staff, he said that MBL is extending 11 different kinds of facilities to its employees. He said that each staff member must get the facility of Kafalah for the future safety of their families.

He further told that bank management has decided that new branches would be inaugurated by the parents of concerned Branch Manager instead of inviting other important business personalities or celebrities.

He also underlined the importance of regularly organizing awareness sessions of Islamic Banking and directed that only qualified religious scholars should be invited to deliver lectures in these sessions.

“Similarly separate awareness sessions could also be arranged for religious scholars, prayer leaders, parliamentarians, academia, lawyers, doctors and bureaucrats”, he added.

He said that current deposit of this region stands at Rs.22 billion which should be enhanced to 50 billion. Similarly the facility of financing should also be increased up to Rs. 10 billion.

Earlier, Mr. Muhammad Muazzam Regional Head told that 4 branches of this region have been declared excellent and 35 above average while nine have been ranked average.

“Efforts would be expedited to further improve this ranking during the calendar year 2018”, he added.

He told that at present 54 branches of MBL are operational in Faisalabad region which would jump to 60 by the end of this year.

Later Mr. Ijaz Farooq Randhawa Group Head Branch Banking, SME, Commercial & Agriculture Finance, Syed Aamir Ali Group Head Corporation Investment Banking, Zial-ul-Hassan Group Head Operations and Mr. Raza Group Head Services Quality Management were also present during the cake cutting ceremony to mark the fifteenth Anniversary of Meezan Bank in Faisalabad.

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