PML-N initiated the culture of mega developments: Chairman M.S.Sajanka


Mian Rashid Asghar;

CHINIOT: Terming PML-N as the party of patriots the Chairman District Council Ch. Mohammed Saklain Sajanka and Vice Chairman Sardar Zulfiqar Haider Shah have said that they will stand by the party in every thick and thin.

They expressed the optimism that the PMLN under the leadership of Shehbaz Sharif will emerge as victorious in the upcoming elections scheduled to be held in the mid of July this year.

“If policy of vengeance against former premiere Muhammad Nawaz Sharief continued, people will turn back with the power of their vote in this election”, they said.
Zulfiqar Shah while citing Ali Tareen’s defeated in Lodhran elections said that it was certainly the failure of PTI chief Imran Khan.

Lauding Punjab chief minister’s role in the development of the province the duo said, “Developments in far flung rural areas are the hallmark of CM Punjab”. Mega works like Saaf dehat programs, elimination of load shedding, construction of new dames, sea package & power generating plants and elimination of unemployment are the practical works, which were initiated by Shehbaz Sharif during his tenure as chief minister. They said that even his political opponents admire him for his good work.

They said, “Now, not only China but many other western countries are ready to invest in Punjab owing to CM’s hard work and good reputation”. If we suppose that any other party comes into power, but Punjab will continue to be the PLM-N’s strong hold because Punjabis are devoted to PLM-N”, they added.

DN Sajanka while highlighting the different development schemes going on in Chiniot district said that 50% development works of 141schemes has been completed. He said that work on the remaining other schemes going on in Tehsil Lalian would be completed in this month saying that budget of 13 UC was being invigilated by local govt. “ Under this allocation top priority would be given on drainage system, brick’s soling, boundary walls around graveyards “, he added. These works he said were approved by starring committee comprising of DN, DC, Dy DLG, MNA Ghulam Bibi Bharwana, MPA Imtiaz LALI and Moulana ILYAS Chiniot.

He said that all development works were beig monitored by district’s office I&S, sub engineer, ADLG, Chairman, members UC & AC concerned.
Laboratory test of these ongoing development works was mandatory, Chairman Zila Sajanka further informed.


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