PARC Board of Governors meet held in Islamabad


Islamabad: (Parliament Times) The Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research and President of PARC Board of Governors Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan presided over the 42nd Meeting of PARC BoG held at PARC HQs on Tuesday. In the meeting of the PARC Board of Governors, the Board discussed research priorities and various issues of agriculture sector which include minutes of last BoG meeting, progress review 2016-17, production planning, cost of productions, crops scenario, policies for research, seed purity and quality, technologies, innovations future planning and the research agenda for 2017-18.

Federal Minister welcomed the Board of Governors Members of Board of Governors on their participation in the meeting. Federal Minister hoped that all new members will utilize their vision and experience in revitalizing agricultural research in the country. He also added that PARC has played a vital role towards improving the agriculture sector in various ways over the past. The Federal Minister in his speech, lauded the efforts of PARC Scientists. The Federal Minister highlighted various PARC new interventions and projects which include olive initiatives. He also said that food security means when people have access to healthy and nutritious food. He further added that Pakistan was producing surplus wheat and rice, however there is need to make these crops bio-fortified to help improve human health.

Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, Federal Secretary for M/o National Food Security & Research, in his address said that it is expected that the food policy implementation will help in the promotion of value added food production while creating a new class of agricultural businesspersons. As a result the availability of diversified food products will increase that will help to improve the economic access of food to the socially deprived communities living in marginal and remote areas

Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I., Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) informed the board about taking various steps for improvement of performance and efficiency of PARC system. He further said that achieving food security and nutrition for its population is a high priority for the Government of Pakistan. Dr. Yusuf Zafar further said the organization is important and is serving the nation since last forty years. PARC is also benefiting the farmers through its new innovations and research. Dr. Kausar Abbdullah Malik, Ex- Chairman, PARC, Imdad Ali Nizamani and other PARC BoG Members also expressed their views on the occasion.


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