London artist creates mural to honour his ‘inspiration’ Edhi


LONDON : Abdul Sattar Edhi, the man who dedicated his life to providing social services to those in need, continues to be an example to people across the world even after his death.
Moved by Edhi’s efforts towards humanity, a London-based artist has paid homage to the late philanthropist.
Artist and social worker Daniel Swan drew a mural of Edhi at Trafalgar Square, London, to draw attention of thousands who visit the Square everyday to inform them about the work and life of the great Pakistani philanthropist.
“For me it is an opportunity to get out here and show people a beautiful spirit, a beautiful soul and a beautiful heart who served humanity and is an example for to all,” Swan told this reporter when asked the reason behind drawing Edhi.
“I think everyone should know more about him especially here in Trafalgar Square, the center of one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world,” he added.
Swan, who first heard of Edhi through a Pakistani-American friend, said he “fell in love” when he started following the work the philanthropist did.
“I thought if I come out here, bring his face to the public and talk to people and try and get people to know this amazing soul and what he did for us,” Swan said, adding that he fell in love with Edhi as soon he started looking into his life.
Daniel Swan, who is a part of a UK-based organisation called Problems of Perception which is building homes and hostels for the homeless, praised Edhi’s work and said he is an inspiration. “The work he did with the homeless shelters, the orphanages, the ambulances and the hospitals, all the service he did in Pakistan is incredible.”
“And the humility he displayed in all that work, with all the great things he did, he never shouted about them. He just lived,” the artist said.
“That’s an example to us.”

The artist-cum-social worker further said he’s trying to do similar work as Edhi in London and trying to create a homeless hostel. “He is a great inspiration.”
“Today, more than ever, we need examples of service of love in the world, but action, not just words,” he said.
The artist on his website explained that he used to work for one of the biggest corporations in the world until he realised that he wasn’t contributing anything to help humanity. “I used to make what many would call a lot of money, working for one of the world’s largest corporations, doing nothing of value for humanity,” he said.
Swan said he would go out to the streets in the evening to help homeless people and those experiences completely changed his life. “People do not have to suffer as they do. If only more of us helped each other, if only we lived by our love, we could change the whole world and find our riches within,” he added.


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