Divorce does not occur without completing legal formalities: SC


KARACHI: Supreme Court (SC) has remarked verbal divorce does not take place without meeting legal formalities.

A case pertaining to monthly payment of alimony by husband to wife came up for hearing before SC Karachi registry Tuesday.

The court ordered the husband to pay alimony to his wife.

The counsel for petitioner Rashid Ahmad Qureshi (husband) took the plea that his client has divorced his wife Safia Rashid. Therefore, it is not binding on him to pay alimony.

The court inquired where the divorce was given and where are its documents.

The counsel said his client has divorced his wife verbally. But a subordinate court has ordered his client to pay Rs 5000 per month on account of alimony to his former wife. We have filed petition against it.
Justice Sajjad Ali Shah remarked divorce does not occur without completing legal formalities. The court can fix Rs 25000 instead of Rs 5000 on account of alimony per month if it wills so. Monthly expenses (alimony) is right of wife which will have to be paid by you.

The court rejected husband plea against subordinate court decision on fixation of alimony on monthly basis.


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