AJK PM stresses on timely utilization of released funds


Muzaffarbad: (Parliament Times) Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan has directed all the government functionaries to improve commitment with the respective tasks and undertake the assigned roles and responsibilities in prudent manner.

Addressing a review meeting the PM made it clear that efforts of officers who will able to spend expeditiously and transparently will be appreciated.

The Prime Minister advised all the Ministers and Secretaries to upgrade departmental reviews and monitoring mechanism to ensure effective, efficient and full utilization of development budget.

The Prime Minister directed that timely utilization of released funds must be ensured by the Line Departments otherwise no excuse will be accepted in this regard. He asked the respective Ministers and Chief Secretary to look into the matter for 100% utilization of released funds by all the departments.

The Prime Minister directed to hold another review meeting in March to assess and ensure that development spending is back on track.

In the meeting decision was taken Communication & Works Department will ensure 100% utilization of released funds by the end of 3rd quarter.

The proposal for required re-adjustment/re-appropriation in allocation and releases within districts would be finalized by C&W departmentwithin 02 days and the same would be submitted to P&DD for seeking approval from the Cabinet. C&W department to prepare a plan for absorption of expected additional funds over and above the allocation of the C&W sector for the C.F.Y.

The Prime Minister assigned the task to the Secretary Electricity for provision and installation of 10,000 meters to the consumers at the earliest and directed for compliance report by 15th March, 2018. The Chief Secretary directed the Secretary PDO to follow up with the Concerned offices for early signing of PPA of the 30.4 MW Jagran-I HPP.

The forum asserted that salaries issue of Medical Colleges Muzaffarabad & Mirpur should be resolved by formulating strategy keeping in view the revenue generation of Medical Colleges and shifting of staff on recurring budget from July 2018 onwards. The chair expressed concern over delay in accomplishment of the civil

works of Medical College Muzaffarabad and directed to accelerate the activities for timely completion of the project.

The meeting was told that the 100% utilization of released funds will be ensured by PP&H by the end of 3 quarter to secure releases from the Federal Government.

The chair while showing his concern on the stoppage of work of Water Supply & Sewerage Scheme Mirpur City & Other Hamlets directed to constitute a committee under the chairmanship of Secretary P&DD with Secretary PP&H and ADP Specialist as members to resolve the issues that have hampered the project.

The Chair directed that PD of the project of Water Supply & Sewerage Scheme Mirpur City & Other Hamlets will be appointed on merit basis viza-viz integrity, technical soundness and management skills,

The chair directed the departments Information Technology, Social Welfare, Women Development, Civil Defense, Development Authorities and Local Government and Rural Development to gear up the development activities to ensure 100% of utilization of released funds.

The forum expressed concern over low utilization and directed to Secretary E&S Education to fully utilize the 3rd quarter release upto 31st March, 2018 to secure releases for 4th quarter.

The Chief Secretary AJ&K directed that District Heads of Education and PP&H department, should monitor the projects to ensure desired level of monitoring of constructional works of Education Sector.

The Forum while expressing concern on low utilization directed Secretary Higher Education to fully utilize the 3rd quarter release upto 31st March, 2018 to get 4rt quarter releases.

The forum appreciated the efforts of Forest Department and directed to ensure 100% utilization of released funds within stipulated timeframe. The senior Minister Pointed out that as reflected in the briefing, southern districts of AJK are currently less focused for the forestry related activities. He advised that a comprehensive reforestation/afforestation and soil conservation program may be launched for these areas at the earliest.

In the meeting the utilization of funds against releases was found unsatisfactory. The chair directed the Secretary Industries to submit the report regarding utilization status within 15 days.

The chair directed Environment, Foreign funded projects and Rehabilitation and Resettlement to gear up the development activities to fully utilize the released amount.


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