Ch. Latif Akbar condemns harassment of Pakistani diplomats in India

Islamabad:(Parliament Times) Voicing his serious concerns over the harassment of Pakistani diplomats in India, the President of Pakistan Peoples Party (AJK chapter) Ch. Latif Akbar has said that harassment of diplomats and their children in New Delhi has exposed India’s so-called secular face at international level.
Terming it as uncivilized act Akbar said that terrorizing diplomats and their children was a serious violation of diplomatic norms. “We strongly condemn this incident and urge the government of Pakistan to raise this issue with Indian government”, the PPP president said this while addressing a dinner here on Sunday, which was hosted in honour of Azhar Iqbal Budanvi who was elected general secretary of the PPP’s UK chapter recently.
The function was attended by former AJK president Sardar Yaqoobl Khan, Faisal Mumtaz Rathore, Ch. Muhammad Riaz and several others. Speaking on the occasion the PPP president lambasted the incumbent government for its “poor foreign policy”, saying that the government’s weak foreign policy has pushed Pakistan into isolation.
“As a result of this weak foreign policy, Pakistan, expatriate community, students and even diplomats are plunging into isolation with each passing day”, he said. The PPP chief on the occasion assured the foreign guests that the PPP after assuming the power would promote the country’s image at international level. He said that the PPP was not only the symbol of federation but a well-regarded democratic party in the eyes of international community.

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