No power whatsoever can beat us: PM AJK

S. A Haidri

Kotli: Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PM AJK) Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that the valiant people living along LOC are facing Indian atrocities on daily basis saying that India will have to face the consequences in case it resorted to any kind of aggression on the LoC.

Prime Minister made these assertions while addressing a massive public gathering near LOC here on Sunday. Minister for Public Works Ch. Muhammad Aziz, Minister for Revenue Farooq Sikander, Minister for Education Barrister Iftikhar Gillani, Member Legislative Assembly Raja Naseer Ahmed Khan, Malik Zulfiqar, Malik Ilyas and others also addressed the public gathering.

Prime Minister said that people settled along the line of control have been braving India’s naked aggression on daily basis. He said that he was cognizant of the problems faced by the masses living near LOC. He assured the masses that the incumbent government was making all out efforts to facilitate them.

Lauding the people’s spirit of bravery, he said that it is now cleared that no power on the surface of earth can defeat us. He said that members of legislative assembly elected on PML-N’s ticket are my representative and it is my responsibility to solve their issues. He reiterated that government will give representation to youth in upcoming municipal elections.

PM AJK said that he personally visited the LOC to allocate funds in next fiscal year saying that development in backward areas of the state was among the top priorities of the State government. “The mandate given by the people of this region is debt on me and they will be rewarded in shape of the provision of basic health facilities”, Prime Minister added.

Prime Minister said that no development have been observed in this area since Sikandar Hayat’s tenure. “PML-N government will start a new era of development in this region soon.”, he added.

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