PSC & NTS offer equal employment opportunities to everyone: AJK PM

S.A Haidri

Islamabad: Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PM AJK) Raja Mohammad Farooq Khan has said that the Azad Kashmir is the base camp of Kashmir freedom of movement and people of Poonch had performed a leading role regarding the liberation of AJK.

Prime Minister expressed these views while addressing an occasion organized by people of Union Council Bangoi, constituency 4 of district Poonch here on Friday.

Sardar Khurshid Khan belonging from Poonch on the event announced to join PML-N along with several other companions.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister stated that PML-N’s government is strengthening the quality of life and providing maximum facilities to people with the sustainable construction and development in the region.

“Steps have been taken for the merit and provision of justice along with good governance” he maintained.

He reiterated that a neutral Public Service Commission was established besides recruitment through NTS which have opened the doors for a common man through equal employment opportunities in the State.

He said that the incumbent government in AJK wants to promote tourism to generate employment opportunities in the Azad Kashmir region, and a 10 billion rupees worth tourism corridor mega project is under consideration, “promotion of tourism will steer to an economic revolution in the State” he hoped.

About Kashmir Council, Raja Mohammad Farooq Haider Khan said, “Jammu and Kashmir Council runs on the taxes being received from the poor people of Azad Kashmir and despite of this, masses in Azad Kashmir are not satisfied with the role of the Kashmir Council”. He said that the government was spending a huge amount for the improvement of roads in Azad Kashmir; 290 kilometer new besides 290 kilometers old roads are being upgraded.

“Nursing training school in Mirpur is now upgraded and classes of degree level have been started to meet the deficiencies of nursing staff in hospitals” Prime Minister added.

Prime Minister admired the unflinching support of PML-N leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for Kashmir, saying that it was our good luck that after we came in government, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif doubled the budget of the region from 11 billion to 22 billion and also assured that federal government will co-operate and provide more funding for the development in AJK.

Prime Minister voiced that PML-N will again win the general elections of 2018 by more than two by third majority.

Minister of the State Ch. Muhammad Aziz, Member Kashmir Council Abdul Khaliq Wassi, and Sardar Roshan also addressed the occasion.

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