Women’s role no less indispensable than men: Rubina Amjad


Mian Rashid Asghar
FAISALABAD: President Woman Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( WCCI) Ms Rubina Amjad highlighting the significance of a women in social and economic development has said that, the importance and role of women in their indoor and outdoor social and economic activities is not lesser than men.
Day by day this importance is going up even Islam proclaimed women’s importance 1400 year earlier. She further said that, in foreign States women’s importance is recognised and now in Pakistan is also being recognized. In considerations of female gender ratio more than men in Pakistan, economic development system cannot run smoothly without their coordination.
There is dire need to create civilized and social environment for women’s outdoor activities. She stressed the need of scalding up literacy rate in Pakistan whereas this literacy rate is more in India and Bangladesh. Up to the mark literacy rate will born importance of women and women are getting education one step ahead of men despite social issue. There is need of serious decorum in their attitudes while working with men, then no untoward incident can happen, because every moment a man cannot be blamed.
It the duty of men to allow them to work independently in certain code of conduct. Education changes the mind and thinking approach of how to respect the women.
A woman does domestic works after doing her official duties, she further added.
President further said maturity of mind and passions comes out of increase in Literacy’s rate.
Female gender shall have to play her vital role in outdoor activity keeping her actual status in her front. If she moves with stable status and respect, no one will keep bad eyes over her. A woman will have to keep social norms and values as she contributes her services for the welfare of the society. Living out of appropriate fashion means out of dignity and honor, she pointed out. In this way no hurdle, resistance and problem will come in their way of life during their outdoor workplace.
Ms. Robina further said adding that, WCCI Faisalabad arranges seminars and programs to give proper awareness to engage maximum female gender to play pivotal role in economic development. Women of Faisalabad division must use the WCCI plate form to get awareness and encouragement for sake of choosing road map of their liberal work.
Islamic philosophy forbids from immorality which cause misfortunes in the society.
We should live meaningful life by caring and respecting out women so that thay may work comfortably. Societal development in all sectors is hidden in true devotion and values of woman. The time is now very near when women of Pakistan will have impact and play integral part to entertain and flourish Pakistan businesses. Here in Pakistan when a woman have talking with smile, we take its meanings in wrong. Women working outside their homes must greatfully approach with courtesy in business sectors she said and added.


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