Police officers involved in killing of Naqibullah to be punished like criminals: IG Sindh

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KARACHI: IG Sindh AD Khawaja said on Thursday that police officers and personnel involved in the killing of Naqibaullah Mehsud would be given punishment like common criminals.
Addressing a passing out parade of political cadets in Karachi, he said officials of the police force were not personal employees of anyone, stressing on cadets to resist bribes and the temptation of money.

The IG Sindh said that it was the job of police officers to safeguard the lives and properties of the citizens. He said that police officers should use the law to protect the common man. “Under ordinary circumstances, a person does his job for money,” he said. “But for officials of the force, money does not matter,” he added.

Addressing the cadets, he said that police officers were employees of the state. “We are not personal employees of anyone,” he said. “Serving the nation and the masses is the responsibility of the police force.”

AD Khawaja warned cadets that they would be tempted with financial prospects in the near future when they assume their duties. “You will have to go through trying times when it comes to money,” he said.

AD Khawaja urged the cadets to behave responsibly since they have to fulfill the responsibilities and expectations that were required of police officers. He said recruitment solely on the basis of merit and reforming the police force was his dream.

IG Sindh said that an additional 25,000 professional police officers had been added to the existing police force. “Armored vehicles and ambulances for the police force are also being purchased,” he said.

He urged police officers to use the law to strengthen and defend the common citizen and not use it against them. “We have to use the law to bring to book the looters, thieves and terrorists,” he added.

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