Pollen allergy patients increase with advent of Spring season in Federal Capital

Islamabad: With the advent of spring season, the numbers of pollen allergy patients have been increased in the federal capital.
Officials told that it has been decided to keep National Institute of Health (NIH) allergy center open on holiday to cope with pollen allergy. Increase in number of pollen allergy patients is witnessed in Islamabad due to abundance of raspberry trees while pollen count in air increases because of trees, dandelion, grass and flowers in the month of February.
Spokesman PIMS Dr. Wasim Khawaja told that with the advent of spring season, pollen count in the air increases, which affect the pollen allergy patients. He said these pollen count enters through nose and breath. He said patients with the disease must wear mask while the patients must use anti-allergy medicines with the advice of doctors. He warned that situation can became fearful if precautionary measures are not related.
Executive Director NIH Aamir told that pollen ratio is higher in the federal capital as compared to other parts of the country. He said special measures have been taken in allergy center with the arrival of spring season. He said special drive has been launched through social media by activating the unit while all necessary instructions have been uploaded at website.
He said numbers of employees have been increased at allergy center while weekly holiday of employees has been abolished to provide medical treatment to patients belonging to far-flung areas. To a question, he said allergy vaccinations are very useful while people belong to far-flung areas complain that it was not useful due to temperature and timely vaccination.

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