Ministry of Narcotics Control organizes a walk against drug abuse

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ISLAMABAD: Ministry for narcotics control organized a walk in collaboration with National Highways & Motorways, Islamabad Traffic Police and Anti Narcotics Force here in Islamabad this morning. Minister for Narcotics Control Lt. Gen.( R) Salahuddin Tirmizi, alongwith Secretary Iqbal Mehmood and Maj. Gen. Musarrat DG ANF participated in the walk. The walk started off from Faisal Masjid, with participation from all walks of life, including schools, civil society organizations, judiciary, celebrities and general public. Addressing the media, Minister states that recent survey revealed that more than 67 hundred thousand people are drug addicted in Pakistan. Ministry in collaboration with ANF has left no stone unturned to reduce this number. This is not the sole responsibility of any law enforcement agency, rather it is the national contribution of each and every citizen. He added. ]

ANF with very limited human resource of just 3000 force couldn’t cope up with this menace. We have sent the summary to Prime Minister to increase the ANF human and infrastructure capital. While expressing the efforts, being done by the Ministry, Secretary Iqbal Mehmood said we have engaged Media houses, radio channels, and other modes of social media to aware the general public about this evil threat in the society.

DG ANF, briefed that in last year alone ANF has seized 400 Billion Rupees of drugs in different operations across the country in collaboration with International partners. Similarly, unveiling the statistic from the poppy bumper crop this year across the neighboring borders, could produce round 4800 Tons of heroine. We are working vigilantly and actively to abandon this heinous social evil, keeping in view our limited resources, DG Added. We expect from the civil society, media and general public to help us in fighting against this crime in the society.

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