Withdraw army & hold plebiscite in Kashmir, JI chief tells Modi


Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Pakistani nation on Monday observed Kashmir day with a renewed pledge to support Kashmiris’ ongoing struggle for right to self-determination. Seminars, symposiums and solidarity rallies were held all across the country to show their unwavering support, commitment and allegiance to Kashmir cause.

In this connection a big solidarity rally was held in Islamabad under the aegis of Jammat-e-Islami Pakistan. The rally was attended by a large number of people hailing from different walks of life including men, women and children. Holding placards and banners inscribed with pro-freedom and anti India slogans the participants of the rally demanded the international community to discharge its moral and legal responsibility vis-à-vis the peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute. One of the banners held out by a group of women and children marching towards the venue read as “Hearts of Pakistanis and Kashmiris throb in unison”,

Addressing participants of the rally JI chief senator Sirajul Haq paid eulogizing tributes to Kashmiri nation for waging a historic struggle for the attainment of their birth right. Terming right to self-determination as an inalienable right of the people of Kashmir he said that the world community was duty bound to resolve the lingering dispute as per the relevant UN resolutions.

He said that the government of Pakistan must evolve a comprehensive policy on Kashmir to sensitize international community about the early resolution of Kashmir issue. Voicing his concern over the international community’s apathy towards the miseries of Kashmir people he said, “I call upon the United Nations to shun its indifference and play its much needed role to resolve K-dispute the way it had resolved other world issues like East Timor”. He said that one of the reasons behind the UN being so incognizant and unconcerned about the resolution of Kashmir issue was that the chief advocate of the Kashmir cause was not able to present the case at the international level in befitting manner. To highlight Kashmir cause effectively he said that there was dire need that government should appoint a deputy foreign minister to project Kashmir cause and Kashmiris’ plight at international level. Moreover, he said that Pakistani administered Kashmir should be made a true base-camp for the liberation of Kashmir.

Urging government of India to resolve Kashmir dispute peacefully he said, “I ask Modi to withdraw its forces from Kashmir and hold plebiscite in the region”. Instead of spending billions of dollars on army in Kashmir Haq said that Indian should use this huge chunk of money for the betterment of common masses who were dying of poverty and hunger on footpaths elsewhere in India.

Expressing his party’s full support to Kashmiris the JI chief said, “I assure the people of Kashmir that we shall stand shoulder to shoulder with them till they achieve their cherished goal”. He said that the day was not far when we will free our jugular vein from Indian bondage.

Lauding the role of resistance leadership he said, “Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, Shabir Ahmed Shah and Muhammad Yasin Malik are our heroes”. Appreciating the Hizb chief Syed Sallahudins struggle he said, “I salute Syed Sallahudin whose family has been worst victim of Indian atrocities”. Sallahdin he said “is the replica of Sultan Ayoubi he is our hero”.

Referring to India’s antagonistic approach towards Pakistan he said that India has never accepted Pakistan’s geographical existence saying that the Indian premier had confessed his country’s negative role in the emergence of Bangladesh.

Besides JI Chief the solidarity rally was addressed by former MNA and central leader of jammat-e-Islami Mian Aslam, former JI chief PaK Dr. Ejaz Afzal and others.


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