World could never sleep in peace without resolving Kashmir issue: Senator


ISLAMABAD: Senator Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq on Sunday said that the world could not sleep in peace without resolving the Kashmir
In an exclusive interview with PTV news , he said Kashmir was Pakistan’s jugular vein and the country was incomplete without it.
Sacrifices rendered by the Kashmiri people would not go waste and Kashmir would become part of Pakistan, he added.
He urged India to honour the resolutions of the United Nations by giving the people of Kashmir the right to self-determination.
Pakistan wants peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues with India, including Jammu and Kashmir dispute, adding, for this consistent, uninterrupted and result-oriented dialogue between the two countries was the key.
While condemning the killings of Kashmiris executed by Indian forces, he said the international community should help resolve the long-standing dispute for enduring peace in the region.
Besides the government, the opposition political parties were also as responsible to highlight and work for the Kashmir cause, he added.
Kashmir had never been part of India and nor it would be, he said and added “it is open violation of international laws by the India to occupy Kashmir.”
He also suggested that whenever dialogue would be initiated between Pakistan and India about Kashmir, the Kashmiri leaders must be the part of it as this issue could not be resolved without their presence.
Raja Zafarul Haq said, “India itself has promised the world community that Kashmiris would be given the right to choose their political future through exercising right to self determination.
Backtracking from this promise would be betrayal of the promise done to the entire world community.
“No matter what India says, the resolution of Kashmir can be only achieved through a free and fair right to self determination,” he concluded.


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