Pakistan says UNSC reform must reflect democratic principles


WASHINGTON: Pakistan has criticized the aspirants for permanent seats in an expanded U.N. Security Council including India, Brazil, Germany and Japan for opposing reform of the 15-member body based on the principles of democracy, and vowed to resist any move that serves the interests of a “few” countries.

Pakistan Ambassador to UN Maleeha Lodhi at an interactive session of the deadlocked Inter-Governmental Negotiations said “we will continue to uphold values of democracy, equal opportunity and non-discrimination , but we will not be complicit in any exercise that places narrow self-serving interests of a few over the collective good of the larger UN membership”. At the interactive session during which she responded to those making a case for additional permanent members on the Security Council, said we all agree on practicing democracy at home but some argue against it at the UN.

The Pakistani envoy expressed these views while dealing with the points raised during the debate in the first session of the Inter-Governmental Negotiations, which resumed on Thursday.


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