Lack of staff at MC Chak Jhumra cause of concern for masses: M.S. Ansari



CHAK JHUMRA: MC Chairman Tehsil Chak Jhumra Seth Muhammad Saleem Ansari has said that MC Jhumra has been performing its duties with respect to the needs and expectations of masses without the availability and non-allocation of funds by the government.

While talking to Daily Parliament Times here on Sunday he said that MC has been left with no option but to recruit employee on daily wages. “There is a dire need of new employees to ease out the work load in the MC”, he said.

Stressing the need for provision of employees for cleanliness and turbine running he said that only two workers cannot run five turbines day and night. “Due to lack of cleanliness the gardeners and parks are presenting a picture of garbage collection center”, he said adding that there was need of further 100 sanitary workers whereas population of this old city has now increased four times. “There are many problems of the downtrodden people which should be resolved through MC Chairman”, he said.

“So far MC Chairman is not authorized legally and required funds are not allocated, in such a situation MC will remain nonfunctional and paralyzed”, he added saying that the Institutions and organizations were meant to support and help the needy people to scale down their worrisome conditions,


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