Kashmiri refugees are part of our body and soul: PM AJK


Muzaffarabad: Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (PM AJK) Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that migrants of Jammu and Kashmir our part of our body and we are well aware of the discomfort and sufferings of our brethren’s. Prime Minister expressed his views while talking to two different delegations of Migrant representatives here on Saturday. Member Legislative Assembly Miss Naseema Wani was also present in the meeting. Prime Minister in the meeting assured the representatives that their issues will be addressed before long and he will have a detailed meeting with them at the end of this month, “it is our responsibility to resolve all the problems of migrants as they have left their homes for freedom movement of Kashmir” PM AJK maintained. Prime Minister stated that implementation of 6 percent quota of migrants will be addressed, adding that he said that increment in living allowance is the beginning, “all other issues including their rehabilitation will be addressed soon” he said. Talking to the delegation, Prime Minister said that the first time the PML-N government has launched the scheme for supplying basic facilities in Migrants camps, which includes concreted corridors and streets, water supply schemes, and other environment friendly schemes. The Prime Minister said that the first priority of the PML-N’s government is the freedom movement of Kashmir, for which we are utilizing all the sources. He also directed the Department of Rehabilitation for taking necessary measures to enhance the beauty within camps, “we do not claim but believe on practical steps, and it is our effort that those who leave their home for freedom movement, they should not feel despondent at any stage that they made a wrong decision.” Prime Minister added.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister handed over the notification of increment of 500 rupees per person with effect from February 2018, Government of AJK will bear the expenses of this increment about 20 million per month. Young representatives who came along with migrants delegations raised slogans in favor of the Prime Minister within the premises of Prime Minister House.


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