Industrial waste polluting groundwater reserves: Bajwa



NANKANA SAHIB: Under the premiership of Federal and provincial government welfare of masses will continue despite hollow dreamy slogans of opponents. These views were expressed by MPA Tariq Mehmood Bajwa, Zila Nazim Nankana Sahib Malik M. Tahir, MC Sangla Hill Chairman Hassan Shah Nawaz Mallhi and VC Malik Hadayet Ali while talking to Daily Parliament Times here on Friday. Stressing the need for healthy environment they said that providing the provision of health care to common masses was amongst the top priorities of incumbent government.

“There is a dire need to save Industrial effluent, which is polluting groundwater reserves badly, resulting in the outbreak of contiguous disease and environmental pollution”, they said adding that the crops and vegetables, being cultivated by this water, can cause serious health hazards and PMLN government was taking key steps to control it at any cost.

The District Chairman Malik Tahir stated that steps were also being taken to control adverse effects caused by chemical waters released by industries. Tahir said that industries were polluting ground water which is harmful for agriculture and drinking usages. He urged the experts, scientist and policy makers to play their effective role to tackle this problem effectively. He viewed that one of the major socioeconomic challenges was the mismanagement of water resources. Tahir further said that there is no life without water as the water is key for irrigation, economic growth, energy production, industries and human health. He said that water shortage has been facing allover world and it can pose a threat to all. He added that rivers were also being polluted due to the effluent of industries. He said that the collaborated efforts and interdisciplinary approaches were vital to fight the issue and to provide a healthy environment to common masses.

MPA Tariq Mahmoud Bajwa elaborated that time was ripe for promoting the rational use of water across the country to save coming generations. He said that heavy water was being pumped out from tube-wells, which he said was a major cause of lowering down of the groundwater level.

Talking about water efficient crops, MPA added that “we need to promote less water intensive crops in view of water shortage in country. Water reserves have shrank from 5000 Cusic meter to 850 cusic meter”. Bajwa further said that concerted efforts were needed to address the issue of increasing pollution.

He said that it was the need of the hour to treat the industrial and waste water. He said that the climate changes were posing serious threat to the people all over the world but Pakistan was its worst victim.

MC Chairman Mallhi and Vice Chairman Malik Hadayet Ali affirmed that natural ecology system was suffering and said that the industrial; effluent was posing a serious threat if tangible steps are not taken.

District Government and Municipal Committee Sangla Hill with the support and cooperation of MPA Tariq Mahmood BAJWA and District Chairman Nankana Sahib is determined to provide all fundamental needs and necessities at door step. District Govt was determined to provide safe clean drinking water in the district and filtration plants will be installed in all necessary areas.


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